Load Testing

This is the process of subjecting a computing device or software system on demand and gauging its reaction to given situations. Load testing is also done to determine the behavior of a system under peak load and normal conditions. This process is handy when determining the maximum operating ability of a system and identify any module that causes degradation. Stress testing is done when the load is placed on the system to test its capacity to work under peak conditions. This type of load is made to be enormous such that the result is expected to be an error, but the boundary between load test and the stress test is never clear.

Performance Testing and Load Testing

As the most common type of testing, load testing is used when an everyday stress is applied on a system to gauge its performance. Load testing is related to its greater, more ruthless brother, stress testing, but load testing has its role to ensure that a given program, function or system can handle whatever it is designed to do, whereas stress testing is to overload the system until it breaks down, applying unlikely or unrealistic load scenarios.

Both of these scenarios are essential and necessary for determining the shape of a system such as a back-end system, or a website can deal with the optimal loads they will regularly encounter in the market. So as to determine the risks involved during break points, stress testing induces this failure. This tool is very useful to determine the behavior of a system when pushed to its limits, and prepare for the unexpected while exploring its performance capacity limits. However, coming to the simple task of ensuring a system can guarantee certain actions and requests it may encounter, load testing is the best method to employ.

In the professional software testing community, the term load testing is many ways. This term may refer to the practice of estimating the usage of a system by simulating the many users estimated to use the system simultaneously. This process makes it relevant to the multi-user state-of-the-art systems. Load testing is all about the creation of simulations in a system when it is about completion, and deployed for users.

So as to ensure a typical QOS performance-based system works well, load testing lets you gauge its work-ability. Almost all frame-work and load testing tools follow this paradigm.